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Music Player

1 Dec 2021


With this resource pack, you can play Minecraft’s music in-game using a custom interface!

This pack is made for Minecraft version 1.19+

Ever wanted to play Minecraft music on-demand? With this resource pack, you can play Minecraft’s music in-game using a custom interface!

To open the Music Player screen, click on the small note button on the start or pause screens. Music Player button

The songs are categorised into their albums, dimensions, type etc: Music Player UI Music Player UI Music Player UI

The pack also includes artist descriptions! Music Player UI

Controller and keyboard-only navigation is supported Tabs with controller hints

All Music Player music's volume is controlled by the 'Sound' settings sound slider. Slider Image

To play a song, click the play button next to the music's duration.

Music won't stop playing if you exit the UI, to stop it, press the square stop icon on the song.

Music will only be played for the person who clicks play. The music won't fade away if you go far from where it started playing.

NOTE: Players on iOS, Android and FireOS need to get the free Minecraft Original Music Pack from the Marketplace to hear music.

Does an update add new music? This pack will be updated!

You may use the code in this pack to learn, but must not copy directly.

This pack can be included in any maps as long as credit is clearly given.

Want to add custom music?

Follow this tutorial to utilise the 10 pre-added custom songs!

Custom Music Tutorial



  • Redesigned artist cards
  • Added artist birthdays
  • Added artist flags
  • Altered music player note icons' colours


  • Improved controller and keyboard-only navigation
  • Added controller hints to the main tabs
  • Replaced tabs in the "Music" and "Albums" sections with a new icon-based header navigation
  • Added 5 music category icons
  • Altered several textures

v1.3.0 (Wild Update)

  • Added track count on album tabs
  • Added "The Wild Update" album
  • Added "Firebugs", "Aerie" and "Labyrinthine" by Lena Raine
  • Added "5" by Samuel Åberg
  • Updated "Caves & Cliffs" album's cover image
  • Added previously unused "Ancestry" by Lena Raine to "Caves & Cliffs" album
  • Added artist card for Samuel Åberg
  • Altered title panel, note icon colours and Music Player button textures
  • Removed unused tab code

v1.3.1 (Wild Update)

  • "Ancestry" now plays correctly