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Particle Points

23 Dec 2021


Decorate your world with 19 placeable particle emitters!

This add-on helps you decorate your world with 19 placeable particle emitters!

The pack includes the following particle emitter blocks:

  • Angry Villager Particle Point
  • Happy Villager Particle Point
  • Balloon Gas Particle Point
  • Crit Particle Point
  • Enchanting Table Particle Point
  • Explosion Particle Point
  • Growth Particle Point
  • Heart Particle Point
  • Lava Drip Particle Point
  • Portal Particle Point
  • Rising Border Dust Particle Point
  • Smoke Particle Point
  • Totem Particle Point
  • Campfire Smoke Particle Point
  • Tall Campfire Smoke Particle Point
  • Flame Particle Point
  • Mob Flame Particle Point
  • Water Drip Particle Point
  • Water Splash Particle Point

Particle Point Items

All particle points are in the Items category

Particle Points cannot be destroyed while playing in Survival mode.

Frequency Configuration

To change the frequency of particle emission for the particle points, use the Particle Point Frequency Control, which can be found in the Equipment tab!

Clicking on particle points with this item will increase the delay between the creation of particles, stepping up in 0.5 second increments until the maximum delay of 5 seconds.

The 'Holiday Creator Features' experimental toggle must be active for this pack to function.

Image of the Holiday Creator Features experimental toggle

You may use the code in this pack to learn, but must not copy directly.

This pack can be included in any maps as long as credit is clearly given.

This pack edits the vanilla player behaviours, so will not be compatible with other packs that edit vanilla player behaviours.

Showcase Video: