10 Jul 2021


This add-on adds 17 new pillar blocks. Great for adding more detail in your decoration!

This add-on adds 17 new pillar blocks. The pillars, and their names, can be seen below:

  • Andesite Pillar
  • Basalt Pillar
  • Calcite Pillar
  • Dark Prismarine Pillar
  • Deepslate Pillar
  • Diorite Pillar
  • Granite Pillar
  • Quartz Pillar
  • Stone Pillar
  • Sandstone Pillar
  • Red Sandstone Pillar
  • Polished Blackstone Pillar
  • Prismarine Pillar
  • Tuff Pillar
  • Netherrack Pillar
  • Purpur Pillar
  • End Stone Pillar

Image of all the pillar blocks

You can also combine the materials in your pillar! Image of two pillars made up of multiple materials

To obtain the pillars, put the material of pillar that you want in a stonecutter. Image showing the pillars' recipe

WARNING: Mining the pillars using Silk Touch will result in a block that you can't place. The pillar blocks do not work as intended when destroyed while playing in creative mode.

The 'Holiday creator features' experimental toggle must be active for this pack to function.

Image of the Holiday Creator Features experimental toggle

You may use the code in this pack to learn, but must not copy directly.

This pack can be included in any maps as long as credit is clearly given.



  • Added Sandstone Pillar
  • Added Red Sandstone Pillar
  • Added Polished Blackstone Pillar


  • Andesite Pillars now drop the correct item when destroyed


  • Added Basalt Pillar
  • Added Calcite Pillar
  • Added Dark Prismarine Pillar
  • Added Prismarine Pillar
  • Added Tuff Pillar
  • Added Netherrack Pillar
  • Added Purpur Pillar
  • Added End Stone Pillar


  • Changed the translation strings for pillars to tile.pillar.*.name


  • Pillars now appear in the creative menu and recipe book