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True Goo

3 Feb 2022


Experiment and decorate with over 15 different goo blocks. Try not to get stuck!

This pack is made for Minecraft version 1.18+

Experiment and decorate with over 15 different goo blocks!

True Goo adds several new goo blocks and other items to the game:


Goo naturally generates in goo springs, a structure which you can find in most, less mountainous, biomes.

Goo Spring

Goo can be picked up by using a shovel, giving you a gooey shovel of the variant used. Once picked up into your shovel, the goo can be placed again wherever you wish.

Over time, goo will collect dust. If the goo block starts flashing, this signifies that the dust is ready to be filtered out. You can do this with the goo dust filter:

Goo Filter crafting recipe

To empty the dust filter, use it (right-click, tap etc). Emptying the dust filter will give you 1-3 dust items each time. Dust can be stained in a crafting table:

Stained dust recipe

If you are submerged in goo, you will not suffocate or drown, although a coloured fog and translucent overlay will be applied to your screen. The slowness and slow falling effects will also be granted to you.

Deterged Goo

Deterged goo is created when normal goo is filtered for dust, and does not collect dust. In most ways, deterged goo behaves the same as regular goo, giving you a deterged gooey shovel when picked up.

Deterged goo can be dyed by using stained dust on the block.

Multiple colours of deterged goo

Each colour has its own unique fog and overlay!

The 'Holiday Creator Features', 'Creation of Custom Biomes' and 'Experimental Molang Features' experimental toggles must be active for this pack to function.

Holiday Creator Features Toggle Custom Biomes Toggle MoLang Features Toggle

You may use the code in this pack to learn, but must not copy directly.

This pack can be included in any maps as long as credit is clearly given.